Starting over…

My blog has been neglected, it was a cross stitch blog and I didn’t have much updates because I don’t stitch as much as I used to. I decided to start over with a more generic theme, meaning that I will be posting about other crafts too, as well as my art. This way I won’t need to have a separate art blog.

I am currently a student at the university of Helsinki, I study theology. I’m still struggling with stage 4 endometriosis, but things have been better after my third operation. I deleted my older posts, because many of them reminded me of the time when I was in fact quite ill and unhappy. It feels a bit odd to be a student again, at the age of 33, but so far I’ve enjoyed my studies. I couldn’t have continued in my old profession, I was a nanny and it was physically too much for me with all the lifting and carrying.

Meet our new family member, Bertta:

She is 4 weeks in this photo, now she’s 8 months old but sadly my old computer crashed and I didn’t have backups of the photos. I had some photos in facebook, so we didn’t lose the “baby” shots! Bertta is an accidental offspring of our two mongrels Nana and Luka.

I need to take new progress pictures of my stitching projects, and I will also post any new artwork when I will have time to paint or draw. Now I’m off to do my homework on Biblical hebrew for tomorrow’s class.



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